Junglee-Rummy is a platform dedicated to the game called Rummy. Here, people will find information regarding the game and the official site. The game of Junglee Rummy can be accessed from phone and desktop. The game is very popular and gets millions of new users every year. The game is completely legal in India. The Supreme Court of India has validated the game, which means people can play the game and win money without any legal problems.

There is much information regarding the game, and we have provided them here. You will be able to access important information from Junglee Rummy easily, and you can utilize that valuable information for winning the game. Make sure to visit each of our pages to find out more about the game, and you can always contact the customer support for any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Us

We usually get some questions that people frequently ask us. You can get the answer to those questions here. If you need more information or this does not answer your questions properly, make sure to let our customer service know about your issues.

How to play Rummy?

You can easily play Rummy online from your phone or PC. All you are required to do is create an account. You can open an account easily by going to Junglee Rummy’s official website. You need to provide them with your email address, pick a unique username and password to start playing. If you have previously created an account, you cannot make a new account with the same email address.

Is the game legal in every state?

The game of Junglee Rummy is legal in every state of India except Odisha, Assam, and Telangana. They can play the game without being able to win any cash. The site has made changes to make sure that people residing in these three states cannot play the cash Junglee Rummy. It is a reason for the change that happened in these state’s gaming laws. But people living in other states in India can easily play the game and win real money.

What is KYC verification?

The KYC or Know Your Customer verification is the attempt to prove your identity to the site. Once you win an amount, you can withdraw it after you have finished your KYC verification. The required documents for this process are – a government-issued card (passport, Adhaar Card, or PAN Card), proof of address (national ID card, bank account, or ration card). After you have successfully completed the KYC verification, you can start withdrawing the money you have won by playing.