What the Game is All About?

Rummy is one of the most popular forms of card-betting games all around the world. The game is all about matching the cards which hold a similar rank. The players need to form melds, which must contain specific sets that have several of a kind of resembling rank. Rummy in India is quite popular as well. It is said that the game is derived from a form of Rummy derived from the American form of Rummy known as ‘Gin Rummy.’ The rules of the game are quite simple. Rummy is one of the most favorite casino games of many people.

Most physical casinos offer different types of rummy games based on the popularity in that particular area. However, several types of games are offered on online betting platforms and specialized rummy websites. The rules of the game online are the same as the offline ones. Most people prefer to play the game online as it is more convenient for the users to bet money and play the game. Almost all the famous casinos in the world, especially the ones in Las Vegas, which is considered to be the hub of gambling, offers almost all types of Rummy.

Several Variations of the Game

Being the famous casino game that it is, there are different types of Rummy. Every type has a massive fan base. Indian Rummy or 13 Card Rummy, as the name suggests, is the Indian form of the game. The total number of players involved is 2 to 6. Each player gets a total of 13 cards. The main aim is to group the cards into certain sections. The final goal is to reach 0 points by getting rid of all the cards. Deals Rummy is another form of Rummy in which there is a fixed number of deals. An equal number of chips is provided. The winner is the one who has accumulated the most number of chips. Some other forms include – Pool Rummy, Card Rummy, Canasta, Dummy Runny, etc.

Origin of the Game

The game of Rummy has been around for many centuries now. There are numerous variants of the game, each of which has a fan base of its own. However, most of the rules and aspects of the different types of Rummy are the same. The main aim of the more or less all types is to arrange the cards in a definite sequence.  There are quite a few theories about how the game came into existence. The most famous theory is that the game originated from a place called ‘Cinquain,’ which is located in Spain.

It is widely believed that the Spanish people invented the game, and the concept was carried to the United States by Spanish Settlers. Another theory links the origin to Asia. This theory states a common connection between Rummy and a game called ‘Mahjong’ which is quite famous in China. Coming to other linkages, it is said that the game evolved from a form of Poker. Whatever the reason may be, almost all forms of the game have succeeded in gaining quality fandom around the globe.

How is Rummy Played

Different forms of Rummy have different gameplay techniques. The main aim of the game is to get hold of better cards than what you have already been dealt with. A player can do this when it is his or her turn to play by picking up a card from the pile. Or the one which has already been thrown by another player. The cards need to be melded into two kinds of combinations, namely Runs and Sets. The distribution of cards depends upon the total number of players playing. The dealers distribute the card and place them face down in front of the players. The player sitting on the left side of the dealer plays first, and the turn comes in a systematic order. The next player has the option to either pick out the last card played or a new one from the pile. The play keeps on continuing until the stock runs out. Then the pile is reshuffled to keep the play going.